About Nisha


Master Beauty Artist

Nisha has been licensed in the beauty industry for 9 years specializing in Healthy Hair Care & Precision Haircuts. She carries an active Cosmetologist license in both Texas & Nevada.  Nisha has over 7 years of experience running a business offering beauty services, consulting, & selling beauty/wellness products. She has traveled the country & has mentored those in need of her guidance. 


Passionate About Education

She has received high reviews from clients who appreciate the importance of being educated & receiving phenomenal beauty services. She believes performing beauty services is one thing, but going the extra mile to help her clients establish a beauty + lifestyle regimen is priceless. Nisha is currently studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer in addition to her extensive expertise in the beauty industry. 


Motherhood & Living With Purpose

Image: Nisha @ Holi Festival Las Vegas 2018

We all have a purpose. That purpose is to be great and do what we love more than anything in the world. Nisha discovered her passion for beauty when she made her first beauty product at 6 years old. She knows helping others become beautiful and reach their true potential is one of many ways she can live a fulfilled life. In addition to this, she love motivating and inspiring others to be great & live their best lives. Nisha and her sons have rescued animals, spend time on nature trails and in mountains, believe firmly in meditation & she assist her children with their online virtual education.